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Understand how to access savings and investments that maximise your expat financial advantages.

As an expat you may have the chance to enjoy a far more flexible and tax-friendly saving and investing environment than you ever could have back home. 

You can enjoy greater financial growth, higher incomes from investments and far greater protection from taxation. 

However, to navigate and understand the huge range of financial products and services available for expats and pick up the ones that are right for you and your circumstances takes a lot of knowledge and experience. 

This is where expat financial advice from a professional and qualified advisor can be invaluable.

Why take financial advice for your savings and investments abroad?

The moment you move abroad and change your tax residency, all kinds of new cross-border financial regulations and complex rules come into play. The previous investment products you used might not be compliant in your new country of residence and might attract additional tax liabilities.

Financial planning will ensure that savings and investments meet the regulatory demands of both nations, do not attract unnecessary taxation from both your new country of residence and your country of citizenship, and are as productive as possible.

Specialist expatriate advice

To make sure your savings and investments work as hard as possible, book a free consultation with our premier financial advisory alliance partner Holborn Assets. 

As a specialist in expatriate financial advice, Holborn Assets provides a valuable free service that helps you understand your options and which ones will work best for your needs.

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Holborn are Expatra’s Premier Alliance Partner

How you can benefit from a free consultation with Holborn: ​

  • Learn how best to protect your savings and maximise interest in your country of residence
  • Get access to tax-efficient savings & investments available to you, onshore and offshore
  • Reduce charges on existing investments
  • Receive expert advice from someone who understands your local tax regime and saving options
  • You’ll receive a no-obligation independent report summarising your best options in black and white
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