Financial Planning For Expats

Understand your best financial options as an expat for greater wealth living abroad.

Are you planning on living overseas for 5 years or longer? If you are, you’ll almost certainly benefit from receiving expert financial planning advice.

Why get expat financial planning when moving abroad?

Moving abroad can be financially complicated. Different banking regulations, complex investment options and the need to be tax-compliant in more than one country make it difficult to plan the right strategy. 

There are so many different options to take, that it’s easy to make mistakes and miss out on “local” knowledge. 

At this point, you can benefit from professional financial advice. A qualified financial advisor will take into consideration your current circumstances, your goals, what you want to achieve, and your risk appetite, and will come up with a comprehensive plan ensuring your wealth optimal growth and protection. 

Who we recommend

We receive a lot of emails and messages from expats who want to be sure they’re making the most of their time abroad financially as well as enjoying the lifestyle. We recommend just one financial advisory, Holborn Assets

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from readers who have contacted Holborn Assets and have been very satisfied with the advice and information they’ve received.

By the way, we’re not alone in our thinking, Holborn is also one of the highest independently rated financial advisories on TrustPilot with 97% of their independently verified reviews being 5 or 4-star reviews.

Holborn Awards
Holborn are Expatra’s Premier Alliance Partner

How you can benefit from Holborn’s expat financial advice

  • Learn how best to protect your wealth and maximise interest in your country of residence
  • Understand your tax liabilities where your domicile (home-country) and your new country (tax residence).
  • Get access to tax-efficient savings and investments available to you, onshore and offshore
  • Discuss how you can improve your family’s financial position across a range of topics
  • Request information on how best to invest savings as an expat
  • Receive expert advice from someone who understands your local tax regime and saving options
  • You’ll receive a no-obligation independent report summarising your best options in black and white
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