Your Expat Pension Options

Review 2022

The financial choices you make for your savings and pensions can have a significant impact on the amount of income you receive, the level of financial flexibility you enjoy and how well your wealth is protected from taxation.

Expat Pension Options

Why you need to understand your expat pension options

If you’re planning to leave your home country or have already made a permanent move to your new country, ensuring your pensions and investments are well organised will be vital to enjoying a successful retirement.

Your move or planned move abroad may be part of your goal of enjoying an early retirement. To achieve your goal you need to ensure you understand your pension options as an expat and have a solid retirement plan in place.

Comparing your pension options

You will need to consider your pension requirements and compare the options you have available. This could require transferring existing schemes, or setting up new ones which will be more suited to your expat lifestyle.

There is a range of specific expat pensions designed to help expatriates have more control and flexibility of their retirement income. These schemes are notably different from UK private pension schemes. An expat pension often has no minimum age to draw income and entire asset withdrawals in cash are also an option.

Our Pension Options Review helps you to understand the choices you have available and which solutions best meet your individual needs for your retirement abroad.

Potential advantages of an expat pension

Enjoy greater financial freedom retired abroad

Protect your pension from debt ridden governments

It doesn’t matter which party is in power, as the government struggles to manage its debt, all pensions start to look ever more attractive.

A correctly established expat pension scheme will ensure your pension is completely protected from any future legislation changes, giving you real security and peace of mind in your retirement.

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