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Find cost-effective insurance that works for your expat lifestyle.

Leaving your country and moving abroad is an exciting adventure riddled with various what-ifs as you are travelling into the unknown: What if I get ill? What if I lose my income? What will become of my family when I die?

The wisest course of action when you move abroad is to create your own safety net with the help of insurance policies. 

Making the right decision to have insurance policies in place gives you and your family peace of mind that, if an unexpected event such as loss of life, personal accident or income loss happen, financial worries aren’t mixed in with the grief or sadness. 

Insurance allows us to focus on living after life-changing events happen.

How to choose the right insurance for expats

Finding a suitable insurance policy to match your financial plans requires careful market research and detailed evaluation.

Factors such as your age, your health, your available budget and the level of cover required play an important role when it comes to choosing the right insurance product that is in line with your financial plan.

Since only a few of us have the necessary financial knowledge to identify which insurance broker offers the best insurance coverage for your hard-earned money, requesting assistance from a fully qualified and experienced adviser would be the optimal solution and is something our partners Holborn Assets can help you with.

What insurance you are looking for?

As an established full-service broker, Holborn Assets has access to a broad range of insurance solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals and minimise the stress and effect of any potential downturn.

Expat Life Insurance

Taking out an expat life insurance policy ensures that your family are protected should the unthinkable happen. The insurance company takes the responsibility to pay a lump sum to your beneficiaries after you pass away in exchange for premium payments. 

Get in touch to find a life insurance cover suited for your personal needs and circumstances.

Expat Health Insurance

An expat health insurance plan minimises the effect of medical expenses on your budget. In addition, many countries require expats to have private/international health insurance for residence applications. 

Get in touch with our expatriate health insurance policy expert to work out the best value-for-money option. 

Income Protection Insurance for Expats

What would happen if you lost the ability to earn your monthly income due to an unexpected problem? It is almost certain that expenses such as mortgages, bills and food would reduce your savings to a minimum, causing uncertainty and severe stress.

Income protection insurance acts as a safeguard. Taking out an income protection policy means that your insurance provider pays you a sum of money each month, thus replacing a part of your lost income. 

The best way to make sure you make the right choice is to get advice from a financial adviser who can take you through the details of the various policies available. 

Critical Illness Insurance for Expats

Supplement your health insurance with critical illness cover to offset the costs of health emergencies such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes. 

Critical illness insurance supplements your health insurance coverage by providing you with a lump sum to use as you want. Our critical illness insurance experts will be able to suggest the most suitable expat insurance quotes and review policy documents with you, and even debunk some common myths around critical illness insurance.

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