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Competitive currency exchange solutions made for expats.

If you live in one country and receive your income from abroad in a different currency, or need a one-time transfer to buy a property abroad, navigating the currency markets can be challenging. 

Currency fluctuation can have a significant impact on your regular income or in the case of buying your dream home abroad. 

Our partners Holborn Assets have been helping expats transfer the funds for many years. They have first-hand understanding of the difficulties and possible problems you as an expat can face while transferring money.

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Holborn are Expatra’s Premier Alliance Partner

Holborn Assets offers a professional, efficient and cost-effective service to expats needing to buy or sell currency on an international level. Whether it is a one-off payment or regular transfers, now or in the future, Holborn advisors make sure you get the best deal possible. 

To make sure your money transfer goes as smoothly as possible, speak to a Holborn advisor today. 

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