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Find the most efficient way to secure citizenship or residency in your new country.

Holborn is a leading investment immigration and relocation provider offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions in the EU and the Caribbean. Holborn can provide end-to-end immigration support to businesses, private clients, leading lawyers, family offices, banks and investment firms worldwide.

EU Golden Visa Programmes

Across the EU options exist for almost anyone that can meet the minimum investment requirement of €280,000 (recoverable after disposal of the property when you achieve your citizenship).

This is the case for almost all non-EU nationalities in the world, including UK nationals, US nationals, Australians, Indians, South Africans, Egyptians, Lebanese, Jordanians etc.

Living in Europe offers a number of high quality of life, certain tax benefits and a good mix of culture, security and social freedoms. 

EU citizenship comes with visa-free travel to more than 180 countries worldwide, not to mention the freedom to live, work and travel across all EU member states.

Moving to Europe can give you specific tax planning opportunities and allow you to preserve your family’s wealth. 

If you are a non-EU national, there are easy ways for you to secure a European residency and even in some cases an EU passport and better prospects for your whole family.

With various Golden Visa programmes run by EU states, you can secure EU residency via investment in property. This avenue also opens up the possibility of citizenship for you and your family after you meet the onward residency requirements.

For example, you can get EU permanent residency by buying a qualifying property with no other co-payments or investments required in the following countries*: 

Cyprus – from €300,000

Greece – from €250,000

Spain – from €500,000

Portugal – from €280,000

*The prices don’t include VAT and applicable property taxes and legal services.

Caribbean Second Passport

It is possible to obtain citizenship as an investor in 5 Caribbean countries: Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and St Lucia.

The main advantage is a second passport which can offer visa-free travel to over 150 – 165 countries worldwide, including access to the EU Schengen zone and the UK.

Turkey citizenship by investment program

The options start from $400,000 if you want to buy real estate to $500,000 if you choose one of the investment options. There’s also an option of creating employment for a minimum of 50 people. 

After the investment is finalised, it takes 3 to 6 months to receive your citizenship. The major benefits include:

  • Rights to permanently reside and do business in Turkey
  • Enhanced business opportunities in the EEC area (European Economic Community)
  • Pathway to the UK’s Turkish Businessperson visa
  • Pathway to the US E2 Investment Visa
  • Visa-free entry to over 110 countries

Residency And Citizenship Advice

Our alliance partners Holborn Assets have Residency & Citizenship programmes available in several countries across Europe and the Caribbean. 

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If you are looking to secure an EU residency, Turkish citizenship or a Caribbean second passport, the ideal first step would be to book a free consultation with Holborn. 

Holborn specialists will go through your circumstances and objectives and discuss the available Golden Visa programmes that may be suitable for you.

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